Walking Meditation

Moving into silence
The world grows louder
Senses sharpen
As the chatter of the mind slows down
Letting the world in
I am nourished deep within
Trees are met as old friends
Their dancing and waving shapes valued once more
Birds are the dominant beings within the landscape
Whose calls and songs can now be heard
Connecting with the earth’s surface
Her textures and invisible beings accompany my walking
Moving more slowly
Eyes widen with appreciation
Taste buds come alive
The mountains’ majesty holds my intention to be present
I arrive at a place of peace.



Begins with intention
Appreciates and makes use of
This precious human gift

Listens to the body
Wonders at its elegant engineering
And invites a softening
Where bracing and holding occur

Slows down the pace
Opens the sense doors wide
Welcomes the outside in

Meets whatever is arising
Striving, judging, aversion, peace
With gentleness and curiosity
Until it passes on its way.

Poems by Stephanie Jackson