About Yoga with Stephanie

Stephanie began practising yoga 30 years ago and has been teaching it for 20 years. She initially trained as an Integrative Yoga Therapist with Joseph Le Page, delighted to find a way to bring her medical knowledge and passion for yoga together. She went on to teach some modules on the Yoga Biomedical Trust’s Yoga Therapy course in London. Since then she has completed teacher trainings with Donna Farhi, Bridget Woods Kramer, David Swenson and David Williams. 

She takes her teaching where asked and needed, ranging from TB patients in Dharamsala, India to Surestart Mother and baby classes in Falmouth. She has taught yoga to GP trainees, elders in residential homes, pregnant mums, circus performers with Swamp Circus and festival goers in the southwest. She currently offers classes in Penryn and  Falmouth

For the past 10 years she has been one of the organisers of Surya Yoga Camp, a family friendly, eco camp near Penryn in Cornwall.